For the landholder

Professional Weed Solutions can help you with:
  • Identifying your weeds and working out the best and most cost-effective control options and programs tailor-made for your situation and your circumstances
  • Undertaking pre-purchase land inspections for Declared Weeds and other noxious pest plants
  • Practical advice on the weed control equipment and herbicides you have in your shed – and suggest ways to use them better and save you time and money
  • Preparing a funding application for Council or community grants involving weed control
  • Provide you or a group of your neighbours with weed, weed control and/or herbicide training and guidance
  • Choose the right weed control contractor or sourcing the best contractor deal for your weed control project

Special "weed-busting" packages of are available for landholders of small to medium sized properties in semi-rural and rural areas, which include a range of services designed to provide you with the best approach to tackle your specific weed problems.

Discounted rates apply for properties in the Land for Wildlife program, or with a recognised conservation covenant/agreement over them.

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