For local government

Professional Weed Solutions can help you with:
  • Developing professional, practical and integrated species or area management plans, encompassing contemporary sustainable land management practices
  • Undertaking weed surveys for development compliance, pre-construction environmental appraisals and impact assessments
  • Providing expert advice on pest plant and animal legislative responsibilities and compliance programs
  • Assessing the effectiveness of current weed management programs and practices, and providing recommendations on improvements and structured program redevelopments
  • Providing expert guidance and advice on the development of local government pest management plans and other strategic and operational planning involving pest plant and animal management
  • Providing staff with structured training and awareness sessions on a wide range of weed management related topics
  • Delivering community awareness and education programs to all levels of the community

A solid history of working with and within local government for almost 20 years, means that Professional Weed Solutions has a fundamental understanding of the operational nature of local govenment.

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