For state government

Professional Weed Solutions can help you with:
  • Developing professional, practical and integrated species or area management plans, encompassing contemporary sustainable land management practices
  • Providing expert advice on pest plant and animal legislative responsibilities and compliance programs
  • Providing expert guidance and advice on the development of state land pest management plans and other strategic and operational planning involving pest plant and animal management
  • Facilitating the development of pest management plans, policies and strategies, including community consultation processes
  • Providing staff with structured training and awareness sessions on a wide range of weed management related topics
  • Delivering community awareness and education programs to all levels of the community
  • Editing and providing advice on technical and strategic reports, presentations and other documents

With over 10 years working at all levels within state government departments, you can be assured that Professional Weed Solutions is the right choice for your weed management needs.

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